Oh Me Danny

By Ashleigh Hatter

The earth does shake,
And all my hells quake yet
Danny be at me side.

And all the young cats
From the shadows that stare at me
Know that he’s there by me side.

When Summer’s foul rush
Always cinders and such
Cause all me honor to hide

I know that again
My red Autumn again will be bloomin
Thar by me side

Cause a friend is a friend no matter his bend,
No matter the folly;
Our bind!
Is enough to cause truth to me
Exposited soulfully
Out of me coffers though snide!

And in this qualm and end
I do beseech to you:

Danny, the darest; the beater of pride; the lowly of weapon folk to ne’er run n’ hide;
Oh Dear man! The humblest of those I do chide;
Dear man, oh you who’ve I clung these years to you, will thee abide?

That I call thee me friend e’er the stars cinder ‘cides
Oh you are my friend, Danny, and I’ll be by thy there’s side!

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