His wife, who had just given birth, was on medication. Both she and the baby were asleep. The husband, sitting next to them, was replying to congratulatory messages from friends and family. He had his wife’s phone as well.

On her phone, she received a text from a number that wasn’t saved. “I hope you’re well,” said the message. The husband clicked on it and discovered a long conversation. His wife, he saw, had sent provocative pictures of herself as did this other person, who was clearly a man and much, much younger than himself. What depressed him, however, was that his wife told this mysterious other that she “wasn’t happy” and that she often thought of “running away,” but that now she couldn’t.

The husband turned to his wife, who was still sound asleep, snoring peacefully. He was hurt. And angry. He stopped responding to messages.

And he waited.

About The Author

Ernesto Reyes is an M.F.A. candidate at Fresno State where he studies creative writing and teaches first-year composition. His short fiction has appeared in the San Joaquin ReviewFlies Cockroaches & Poets, Brilliant Flash FictionBetter than StarbucksMannequin Haus, and elsewhere. He lives in Fresno, CA with his family.

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