“Charismatic and fun!”

Thatcher is on a journey of self-destruction after he finds himself cursed, turning more and more demonic as the days go by. He soon runs into the free-spirited Rayne, who believes there might be a way to cure him. Together, they travel the country, working to unravel his predicament, while trying to survive each other.

For Goodness Sake Kickstarter

Well, what we have in the first of what I hope is many volumes of For Goodness Sake, is a fun story about a cursed boy who becomes friends with a hippie girl who lives in a bus.  I’ve been a fan of the creator, K. Lynn Smith, for a few years now (and I even got an awesome Nightwing commission done by her some time back). 

Awesome Nightwing commission done by K Lynn Smith

The first time I became aware of her was when she collaborated with another comic book writer (whose work I also enjoy) for a series called “Hope.”  She also has another series that she did called “Plume” that’s worth checking out as well.

When Rayne Waters (hippie bus girl) literally runs into Thatcher (cursed boy) in the midst of a brawl with a biker gang, they reluctantly become friends. Rayne wants to help find a cure for Thatcher’s curse. What follows is an excellent character study of the two. 

As I said earlier, I’ve been a fan of K. Lynn Smith for a while now, so you’d think I would be prepared for the art in this series. But I was still blown away.  The best way I can try and describe the art is if you took the best from American comics and Japanese manga, and then mixed them together.

The big, smooth linework gives even the most mundane scene an energetic feel to it. Add on top the awesome job she does coloring and you have one great looking book.  And if you’ve checked out any of my previous reviews, you know when it comes to the art, some of my pet peeves are odd facial expressions and weird body language that don’t fit with the art style. But in this, both things are top-notch.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a big fan of this book. I don’t know what else I can say. So I’ll leave you with this: I finished reading this in one sitting, and that doesn’t happen often—even with the stuff I enjoy the most. 

I’m giving For Goodness Sake Volume 1…

5 shots of whiskey

5 out of 5  Whiskey Shots

Created By: K. Lynn Smith
Art and Story By: K. Lynn Smith

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