Storms And Me

By Ashleigh Hatter

A storm sits o'er my home
  and I want to know its name.

It's voice I hear, and the
  thrashing of its claws are near
  and though this beast inspires fear
and my home's timbers groan

A fire in my soul's alight,
  and it will fend off deepest nights,
  lending courage so I may fight
and to this storm be known.

And though this storm, it drowns me now
  and breaks my home and prompts me bow
  and dying, my soul wonders how
to make this storm atone.

I fall upon a thought of peace:
  that if this moment I decease
  and all my dreams and worries cease,
and flesh falls from my bones.

A life was spent in good and vain,
  It danced in sunshine and in rain,
  and none alive will see again
me; of small renown.


That's fine with me.

That's alright, for not all wake up from the night,
and though I put up quite a fight,
a smile on my face'll be found,
for the mystery I never solved.

A storm rages o'er my house
and I never learned its name.  

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