Let The Night Decide

By Fadrian Bartley

Three levels of sleep
three places of nightmares,
To awaken from one
is to remain in another.

One represents the silence
two is for fear,
and the third is to scream,
open the window,
let the moon gleam upon your pillow.

Light a candle meditate
your prayers,
but take the Bible
and remove the doll
off the table.

This is prayer with
a sacred fiddle,
but if you follow the rules
you will understand the riddle.

Before you come in
leave your shoes
at the doorway,
And walk backward that
is what they say.

And if you hear
me scream from the other
side of the room,
Wait until I am finish
yours is coming soon.

Rumblings outside
thunder it seems,
is this familiar to that which
was in your dream?

Now there goes the rain
the approach of weather,
Close the door there's nowhere
else to shelter.

Make no noise as this
old house gives the creeps,
The room on the corner is where
you will sleep.

What goes on in here
you don't have a clue,
So before you proceed
let me warn you.

Close all the windows
cover the mannequins,
Wrap them tightly and use
sticking pins,

For all the others who
did once reside,
This house is a place
where only the night will decide.

About The Author

Fadrian Bartley lives in Kingston Jamaica. He writes poetry in various themes such as horror, thrillers, high fantasy, life, nature, inspiration, and people’s personalities. His work appears in the R.F.D Magazine, “First Time” issue #173 in 2018, and online web magazines such as Aphelion magazine with his poem “Annabell’ published in 2020 and the Wild Sound Film Festival where you can find his poem “Daughter of the Dust”.

Fadrian is a front desk agent with a diploma in customer service. He writes mostly at night with his cat sitting beside his lamp. He can be reached on Facebook and on Instagram @artexerexes


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