By Ashleigh Hatter

Find me a place and I'll find you a time,

A thing where we can meet

and count all the stars that will ever have never have been

because counting forevers and whatifs with you is my idea of warmth.

And when we've finally reached the end of infinity,

I'll wrap you in a sheet of the purest intention

and bear you to a moon of gold,

a moon that floats above a planet of wonder and awe with terrible clouds that float all around

and we can watch from a blanket—

a picnic one, with red and white and square after square—

and think to ourselves how lucky we are to not be under such dismal horrible clouds.

And when we've handled all the heartbreak we can stand,

I can find a hole within it all

a hole within the everything where we can disappear into a nothing

and float and fall forever, or sink and rise forever until the sensations mix and we

feel whole again.

And when that's done, and we wake to another day, another Dawn,
I'll spin you more impossible yarns

to entice you to stay with me

forever and ever.



You can never truly escape your past, but you can build a new future.


There are times in our lives when all we can do is wait and watch as the evils of the world come to destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build.

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