Hope In Dark Things

By Ashleigh Hatter

I hope in dark things;
in the questionable, in the morally
in the lurid, in the cold.
Yes, I hope in dark things.


There is a toll they exact;
a hurt that wakes with me,
a terror that fills my
a loneliness that plagues, and a sickness that weakens.
There is a toll they exact.


They've not yet disappointed.
They've only inspired;
towards betterment, towards
towards joy and contentment.
No, they've not yet disappointed.


There will be a day,
when the pain I hope for is too
when the horror is too real,
when I've bitten off too much.
Yes, there will be a day.


If it comes...
I'll hope in things of light,
in things of
in places serene and faces unseen.
If it comes.


Until that time, though,
I'll hope in dark things.


In a world so harsh we can only consider ourselves lucky if we create a smaller, better world with someone we can’t live without.

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