We start off this episode by talking about J.K. Rowling’s newest controversial book as well as the negative reaction of the movie “Cutie” on Netflix. After that, we get into a discussion on the basics of how to get started as a writer.

#67: Most Bizarre Author Deaths Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

We are joined by Ash from the Ear Read This Podcast as we discuss some of the most bizarre deaths from the literary world. From getting stabbed in the face to drowning after trying to make love to the moon, there is no shortage of strange deaths on this list.You can check out our work at http://www.drunkenpenwriting.comYou can also follow us on Twitter @drunkpenwritingOn Instagram @drunkenpenwritingAnd like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/drunkenpenwritingAlso, be sure to follow Ear Read This on Twitter @earreadthis
  1. #67: Most Bizarre Author Deaths
  2. BookCast #8: Dracula Chapters 10-15
  3. #66: When Horror Taboos Go Too Far
  4. BookCast #7: Dracula Chapters 5-10
  5. DBS #32: The Big Horror Talk

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