Caleb opens up the podcast by sharing a personal matter that affected him deeply. Then we go on and half-ass our way through the seven different types of stories that make up fiction. Spencer also goes on a mini-rant about King Arthur and his hatred for questing. 

BookCast #8: Dracula Chapters 10-15 Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

We discuss chapters 10-15 of Dracula. We also talk about a bizarre description of candle wax and uncover a few more interesting vampire tropes. If you want to check out any of our fiction, head on over to http://www.drunkenpenwriting.comYou can also follow us on Twitter @drunkpenwritingOn Instagram @drunkenpenwritingAnd like us on Facebook at
  1. BookCast #8: Dracula Chapters 10-15
  2. #66: When Horror Taboos Go Too Far
  3. BookCast #7: Dracula Chapters 5-10
  4. DBS #32: The Big Horror Talk
  5. BookCast #6: Dracula Chapters 1-5

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