Rainy Nights In Georgia

By Fadrian Bartley

Rainy nights in Georgia
the streets are wet, cold
and alone,
neighbourhood watch is inactive.

But the night itself
has no slumber,
it watches the hours
until the darkness reverts
back into the shadows.

Heavy wind upon
the night of Georgia,
whistle below the dark clouds
which slowly swallow the moon
out of sight.

And the dark curtain
of sorrow spreads itself
over the deadly streets of Georgia.
Dark nights are patient,

and not everything buried
stays within their domain.
Death holds them into captivity.
The rainy night in Georgia

travel there not alone
the way there is treacherous
because a dead girl always
walks the street alone.

Without a face
without her feet,
but still her noisy spike-heels
you will hear down the street.

A very long time ago, a party
girl named Mary Sue,
who was walking home
on a rainy night,
Intoxicated with the devil's brew.

struggled on her journey
no one was with her that night,
when she was hit by a motor car,
and lost her very own life.

One out of many
held captive by death,
right there of her last breath
she remained and never left.

Georgia must pay
for what the night has
taken away,
others will go too,
for the life of Mary Sue.

For what she had lost
must regain at all cost,
what death leaves behind
become shadows in the wind.

And if fail to succeed
Vengeance will proceed,
for such a tragic incident
right there are always accidents.

The spirit of a cold
death, stained the ground
between life and death,
And a vex spirit is stronger than
the wind,
If it finds no rest.

About The Author

Fadrian Bartley lives in Kingston Jamaica. He writes poetry in various themes such as horror, thrillers, high fantasy, life, nature, inspiration, and people’s personalities. His work appears in the R.F.D Magazine, “First Time” issue #173 in 2018, and online web magazines such as Aphelion magazine with his poem “Annabell’ published in 2020 and the Wild Sound Film Festival where you can find his poem “Daughter of the Dust”.

Fadrian is a front desk agent with a diploma in customer service. He writes mostly at night with his cat sitting beside his lamp. He can be reached on Facebook and on Instagram @artexerexes

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