In this episode, the dynamic duo of Caleb and Spencer brainstorm the horror story Caleb is currently working on. Of course, it wouldn’t be a DBS episode if there wasn’t a lot of drunken madness throughout.

DBS #41: Indie Authors And Story Titles Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

We open the episode by announcing the books we've chosen for Indie April. We read the descriptions of the books and where you can find the authors. We also give you a handy tip in regards to Amazon book reviews. After that, we get into the episode. Though, it really isn't much of an episode. We simply discuss book and story titles and what we think makes for a good or bad title. We also give plenty of examples of good titles.  Here is the list of our Indie April books: Ballad of the Dead: A Modern Fairy Tale by D.N. Moore – Twitter is @therealdnmoore No More Tales To Tell by Thomas Muller – Twitter is @ThomasM20073887 Feminine Shades by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher – Twitter is @zobafletcher Life of Maggot by Paul Jameson – Twitter is @Modquokka Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy edited by I.E. Kneverday – Twitter is @kneverday
  1. DBS #41: Indie Authors And Story Titles
  2. DBS #40: DPW Is Back!
  3. IRC #7: Jerusalem Part One
  4. #77: Are We Finished?
  5. #76: Terrible Writing Advice You Should Ignore

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