Children Of The Corn

By Fadrian Bartley

They say the story
of Halloween
Are scary visions
from dreams,

Party tricks
and mask of
Death the children
ponder what it means.

Decoration on red
Pumpkin light with candle

And the cold wind
blows in lonely
Creates a shroud
from outed wick.

Children sings
from a quiet place
and the wind buried
Their voice,

The missing will
never return tonight
because they
haven't given death
A choice,

The chosen color
of bloody red
and large ugly
Pumpkin heads.

Around the corner
among the tombs
brave children decide
To play instead,

“O Kay I am ready
come find me ted.
Didn't know that
noises would have
disturbed the dead.

The sound of willows
that whistles at night
causes children eyes
to stared with fright,

And the few who plays
Among the bushes,
Are spellbound by the spirits
of Halloween nights.

About The Author

Fadrian Bartley lives in Kingston Jamaica. He writes poetry in various themes such as horror, thrillers, high fantasy, life, nature, inspiration, and people’s personalities. His work appears in the R.F.D Magazine, “First Time” issue #173 in 2018, and online web magazines such as Aphelion magazine with his poem “Annabell’ published in 2020 and the Wild Sound Film Festival where you can find his poem “Daughter of the Dust”.

Fadrian is a front desk agent with a diploma in customer service. He writes mostly at night with his cat sitting beside his lamp. He can be reached on Facebook and on Instagram @artexerexes

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