By Ivanka Fear

Trapped by your intricate design,
stuck in your delicate web,
it's strength I underestimated.
Not long ago I was free,
flying high without a care.
Couldn't see what's so clear now,
deceived by your invisible lure,
I plunged headlong into your prison.

Waiting for you
Ensnared in this convoluted mesh,
my struggle to free myself futile,
your supple grip tenacious.
Still hoping to escape your clutches,
for someone to set me free.
Wondering how I let myself get
tangled in your twisted chains,
I lie waiting for your next move.

Waiting for you
Knowing you'll be back
Captured now by your silken threads,
swaddled safely in your cocoon,
it's softness almost reassuring.
All hope of rescue gone now,
I concede, I'm yours.
Once you sink your fangs into me,
paralyzed by your poison,
I surrender to you,
as you drain the life out of me.
Waiting to be devoured
by you.

About The Author

Ivanka Fear is a former teacher now pursuing her passion for writing. Her poems and short stories appear in Spadina Literary Review, Montreal Writes, Adelaide Literary, October Hill, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Sirens Call, The Literary Hatchet, Wellington Street Review, Aphelion, Muddy River Poetry Review, and elsewhere.

She has completed her fourth suspense novel and is looking for an agent. Ivanka resides in midwestern Ontario, Canada, with her family and cats. If you want to check out what else Ivanka is up to, you can go to her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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