We start off talking about manscaping and other nonsense, but things really pick up when we get into a long talk about things that will drastically improve your writing in a short period of time. Some of the things we talk about are why metaphors are better than similes, how to structure your paragraphs for optimal pacing, and the importance of using active voice instead of passive voice. 

#74: To BS Or Not To BS? Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

We talk about boobs in the cold open. Not sure why or how we got on the subject, but sometimes these things can't be helped. Once we get into the episode, though, we begin a long discussion on how to bullshit your way through a story. More specifically, how to handle science (and magical) elements in your story. Do you play it safe and give sparse details on, say, space travel? Or do you go into great detail and describe how the ship is able to reach warp speed? Caleb ends the episode by revealing his clone on air. Fun is had by all. Check out our work at http://www.drunkenpenwriting.com Follow us on Twitter @drunkpenwriting On Instagram @drunkenpenwriting And like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/drunkenpenwriting
  1. #74: To BS Or Not To BS?
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  3. #73: The Elements Of Crafting A Good Story
  4. #72: The Big Fantasy Talk
  5. DBS #37: 2020 Reading Recap

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