I felt my heart beating hard in my chest thinking it was about to burst. I dashed through the forest as fast as my two legs could carry me, daring not to look back. I didn’t need to though, I could hear him relentlessly follow. Those sleigh bells jingling as he slowed and started marching towards me. His footsteps threaded through the snow crunching as he went, not scared of hiding them because he knew. He knew he would catch up to me.

I tucked tightly behind a large pine tree hoping to catch my breath, just for a few seconds. As I sat there, fear and panic saturated every part of my being. What am I gonna do? No matter how hard and fast I run he seems to be on my trail at all times.

“Every year, little Timmy, I check the list,” he stated with a jolly voice. “Not once, but twice, Timmy. And every year your evil deeds have gotten worse. I’ve given you coal stocking after coal stocking. One year I even ‘forgot’ your presents.”

I could hear anger slipping through that jolly facade. “But your behavior has brought on the inevitable,” Santa said with a stern voice as he racked another shell into the Shotgun. “Now come on out. It will make this so much easier, because if you keep running, you’re just gonna die tired, Timmy.”

At the sound of his voice getting closer, I bolted; running as fast as I could, weaving through the trees towards an open field. I stared at the field knowing that if I went out there this would be my last sight.

I thought, soon my blood will be spread all over that pure white Christmas snow. By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. I could feel his breath cascading over the back of my neck as he quietly whispered “Merry Christmas, Timmy, and to all a silent night.”

About The Author

Virgil Moon enjoys music and spending time with his family. His favorite color is lime green. When not writing, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

He also has a passion for video games. Music plays a large part in his life and helps him express himself. But most of all, he thoroughly enjoys spending time with his two loving children.

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