The Death Of Annabel Lee

By Caleb James K.

On All Hallows’ Eve
she was washed out to sea
with the blanket she had weaved
both were taken from me. 

With an Autumn picnic it began
on her blanket we embraced
our love and hearts had ran
to that most wondrous place. 

Overlooking the sea 
we sat and we talked
shaded beneath the great tree
the place was worth the long walk. 

"Darling, promise you'll never let go,"
I pleaded with a stone in my heart. 
"Never, this you already know," 
she whispered, her lips refusing to part. 

Wildly her heart beat
terror danced in her eyes
and even when our lips did finally meet
I knew her words had been lies. 

The sun dipped low
in the ocean it sank
with a crimson glow
the horizon greedily drank. 

"I wish this moment would never end," 
I lamented. 
"Perhaps in our next life, our love will mend." 
and with that final lie, our fate was cemented. 

She cried out as I pushed her into the sea
plummeting with blanket in hand
and with this sacrifice she would be free
but I would be forever damned. 

I stood above the world so high
as the water took her away
then I asked God why
it had to be her on this day. 

For you must know that I hadn't a choice
because she was already dead
and with barely a voice 
above the sea these words I had read. 

"My dearest Annabel Lee
I forever weep for your soul
if only God had chosen me
for in my heart now resides a hole. 

The sickness took hold of you
and even in death, it wouldn't let go
this perfect day was all I could do
the last bit of love I could show. 

Even through the transformation
when you turned into the undead
it was with elation
that I put a final kiss upon your sweet head. 

To the bitter end did your heart still beat
but the change was already upon you
the Grim Reaper you were about to meet
a merciful death was all I could give you 

As I cry
for our love lost
and I ask why
this had to be the cost. 

I can promise you this
my love will never fade
our last day together was bliss
for each other our souls were made. 

And for the rest of my days
beneath this great tree
I will come here and say
only the sweetest words to my lost Annabel Lee."

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  1. A creative idea to write a prequel for Annabel Lee — and you captured the narrator’s sadness in this picnic. Sounds like he’s even doing a favor by throwing her to the sea because of her “sickness.” And us readers are left to wonder what kind of sickness… or is the narrator really the sick one?


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