The Creep

By Caleb James K.

The Creep came to town,
trekking beneath the moonlit sky.
And he never made a sound,
as the windows he walked by.

Through the basement he crept,
and up the stairs and down the halls.
All the while the house slept,
he slithered along the walls.

Until he reached the bedroom door, 
of the youngest child.
He sneaked across the floor,
a predator of the wild.

As he peered at the little girl’s sleeping face,
his sneer twisted to a smile.
And ever after there was no trace,
gone was the child.

And so he had left without a peep,
in his wake he left all in fright.
Because that predator, that creep,
had visited many homes that moonlit night.

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Jack the Ripper strikes again. His blade forever thirsty for blood. Or perhaps, It’s HER blade that craves to end another life?

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