It walked between the scorched tree trunks and smoldering brush. Acrid smoke permeated throughout the skeletal remains of the forest. The firefighters weren’t able to stop the blaze, and after days of burning, it was the only thing left of what once ruled the wilderness. The Wendigo. A spirit with no other place to go. 

Miles and miles, acres and acres of desolation stretched on before the Wendigo. For as long as it has existed—as long as the forest itself, some say—the Wendigo has roamed the land in search of fresh victims. Its greed for flesh is insatiable. Its thirst for death unquenchable. But now, with the ruins of its home all around it, the Wendigo is for the first time at a loss. 

There will be no more hapless humans lost in the dense forest. Nor will there be any animals for which the Wendigo can mimic as a means to lure humans into its realm. For the first time since the before times, the Wendigo must go without feeding. But for how long?

Through the charred dead forest, it walked until it had reached the top of the great overlook. Now, with only the aftermath of fiery death for company, reality has set in. The Wendigo, unable to leave the boneyard that it once called home, is destined to spend many human lifetimes alone and starving; forced to roam the desolate wild until life can grow anew; until the humans and animals are able to return to the lush forest that hides the malevolent spirit. 

When that day comes it will be ready. It will feast on the weary and devour the flesh of the lost. The Wendigo, luring its victims once more into the great forest. But for now, it can only wait and watch. The wait will be long. The Wendigo will grow restless and more vengeful. And not even the God of Earth and time will be able to save its next victim. 

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