Take a secret trail beyond The Vale.
Wherein lies The Stokers Yard.

Tonight, beneath this dreadful storm cloud. In cold wind and icy rain, a lone visitor makes their way across our newly built, muddy and now deserted “town square”.

Choosing a path to the main settlement.


“Who they hatin’ on?”

“Headin’ this way, shut the curtains quick.”




An approaching squelch.

“Do NOT answer…”

Watch as this dark-cloaked figure stands at a doorway for a spell, until our settlement’s church bell completes its mournful toll, and then knocks.

They have made the list.

About The Author

Jai Knight is a writer from Manchester, England. He has writing and recordings online. Works in progress include a novel, Pool Life and a series named The Hoffler Journals.

For updates visit him on Weebly or on Twitter

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