It was near dark when I escaped the horrish sounds of my mind, making my way into an old Amish barn whose nauseating smell made one want to gag. I should’ve turned, but the curiosities of the mind are much stronger than imagined. That’s when I saw it! A profound glare amongst the hay and although no light was present, its shine blinded my eye. The closer I got, the more I noticed it was no more than a simple knife, and although its edges were dulled and rusted, stains covered its metal. That’s when I heard footsteps approaching, and the horrish sounds returned. Quickly hiding, I soon realized I wasn’t alone but keep quiet, I must! It was at that moment when the horrors of my mind caused me to wonder if the blood belonged to a Mr. Clyde Hendrickson?

Digging into his pocket, Quigly Barns grabbed his lucky pencil.

I could hear the steps approaching, the pounding of the wind! What could man do against such madness? As much as I don’t want to, I fear I’ve no choice in the matter. I must quiet the mind!

Accounts claim they found Barns’ body in the woods the next day. It seems the poor man stabbed himself to death with a pencil. Those who knew him best say the man was ill and needed tending, and if a single dose was missed, the voices would return. However, others like Sir Thompson believed there’s more to the story as tracks were found in the mud. The man believed Quigly had been murdered with his own pencil and later moved toward the woods, and given his state of mind, who would dispute it? The man was mad, after all.

About The Author

Marilyn Velez is a Literary and Visual Artist. She is an Author of Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, and a Cartographer.

Her love for writing has led her to create The Tundra Tales, Legend of Zaleria Blackwood, The Missing Midwife: Room 7, The Weeliboghts, Road 1402, and Mattie Vex, and her latest works The Tunnel and Red Desert Lands. 

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