There’s a lot to unpack in this episode. We start the cold open off by discussing some… incest in popular fiction. Yeah. Then we follow that up with a conversation about The Stranger by Albert Camus.

Once we get to the topic of the day, we go over the important questions you must ask yourself as a writer. This leads us into a more personal discussion about things like depression and the importance of escapism through fiction. And guess what, there’s more talk after the outro!

That’s right. We had to break up the cold open because it went too long, so there’s some Lord of the Rings talk after the outro music. 

IRC #13: Oblivion Part Four Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

Today we are discussing the short story "Good Old Neon" by David Foster Wallace. We take a deep dive into imposter syndrome, what it means to truly be a fraud, and the importance we put on how others view us.  We also correlate the story with the current state of social media and the constant need people have to be seen and heard, often through the sacrifice of their authentic selves. Finally, Caleb breaks down why he believes actor Kelsey Grammer is ultimately responsible for the death of David Foster Wallace.  
  1. IRC #13: Oblivion Part Four
  2. DBS #68: Read Or Die!
  3. IRC #12: Oblivion Part Three
  4. #103: We Need To Be Honest With You
  5. IRC #11: Oblivion Part Two

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