We open things up by discussing how we dislike this new Hollywood trend of making villains likable or turning classic bad guys into anti-heroes. After that, we have a long conversation about the pitfalls of becoming a writer.

The central ideas we discuss are the importance of effort, improving as a writer, and why it’s more important to finish work as opposed to simply showing up and hoping for the best. 

#109: Publishing Trends Drunken Pen Writing Podcast

We start things off with a comic book review for the first volume of Crossover by Donny Cates (if you want to skip straight to the main topic, the episode begins at 12:35). For the main topic of the day, we discuss publishing trends until Caleb loses his voice.  Check out our work at http://www.drunkenpenwriting.com Follow us on Twitter @drunkpenwriting On Instagram @drunkenpenwriting And like us on Facebook @drunkenpenwriting 
  1. #109: Publishing Trends
  2. #108: Drinking Wine And Talking Romance
  3. DBS #71: We Try To Get Cancelled
  4. #107: Caleb Flaps His Gums About Aesthetics
  5. DBS #70: Push It To The Limit!

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