Hello friends. With DPW growing and our reach expanding, we are now accepting donations which will ALL go towards funding the upkeep of the website, the Drunken Pen Writing Podcast, the publishing costs of the current anthology we are working on, as well as future books to be published under the DPW brand, and prize money for future writing contests. So if you enjoy the work we do and want us to remain ad-free, please consider donating. Any little bit helps.

As of now we don’t have set figures for our overhead other than the costs of the website and the podcast host (Podbean) which costs approximately $400 USD total. Once we move onto publishing our overhead will increase drastically and we’ll be able to be more transparent with our costs and what your donations go toward.

We thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you more great content for years to come.

— The Drunken Pen Writing team.

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