The Final Round

Few things are as exciting as a boxing match that comes down to the final round.

Jazz Legend #2 Review

If Miles Davis had been the one to fall down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, you would have had something closely resembling the bizarre and turbulent world of Jazz Legend.

The Monster Under The Stairs

Seven-year-old Davy Murmite is convinced there is a monster living under the steps in the basement. Of course, this is just the imagination of a child. Right?

The City

The city has the power to beat you down, to hurt you, to destroy you. After a while, you no longer have the ability to tell wrong from right. And that's when it devours you.

Life Isn’t So Bad, Is It?

Just because things aren't going well in your life at the moment doesn't mean they won't improve. And most likely, someone out there has it way worse than you. Which begs the question, life isn't so bad, is it?

Just Say Something

They say the worst thing you can do is let relationship problems fester. Instead, you should fix the issues as soon as possible—before it's too late.