The Bazaar of The Blind: End

As Gregory nears the end of his ordeal, he finds he must fight for his life against creatures more horrible than any he's ever imagined.

The Mountain’s Song

The natural world knows not of human consciousness. It doesn't live or breathe for us. It simply is.

What Your Reflection Can Teach You

We all have dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, we tend to let them take a backseat to the monotony of daily life. But this doesn't have to be. You have the power to make a change. And it all starts by taking a long, hard look at the person in the mirror.

Being Dead is a Drag

Sometimes weird things happen in life that you just can't explain. And other times, these weird things happen even after you're already dead.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Four

As Gregory makes his way through the strange, horrid bazaar, he comes across something familiar, which adds another level to the nightmare he's involved in.

Paying Your Tab

Another fight. We broke up. I’m at the bar drinking like a fish. Same ol’ story, different day. Lizzy, god do I hate that fucking woman. She’s like a piece […]

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Three

In part three of our ongoing horror story, Gregory Norstrom has finally entered the Bazaar of The Blind. What awaits him is a world of horror unlike anything he's ever seen.

From The Crow’s Nest

A group of dishonorable pirates encounter a unknown ship in the middle of the dark waters off the West Indies. What does this ship want? And how can it be so fast?