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Category: Life

Life is such a complicated mistress. She toys with our emotions and always leaves us wanting more. This is where we post about life, non-fiction, and other strange things from the real world.

10 Ways To Make Life Amazing In Your 30s

Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone when it comes to reaching mental maturity. You aren't yet old, but you aren't young anymore, either. But what can you do to excel in your 30s and set yourself up with a great life afterwards? Well, we have the answers.

What Your Reflection Can Teach You

We all have dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, we tend to let them take a backseat to the monotony of daily life. But this doesn't have to be. You have the power to make a change. And it all starts by taking a long, hard look at the person in the mirror.

Beautiful Imagination

Many of us are capable of great things, but we let self doubt and fear dictate the way we use our imaginations. One should never discard an idea with the potential to change the world. Always work to keep your creativity shining bright within the darkness.

We The People

With this country facing a time of great turmoil and divide, Caleb James tries to give us a little bit of perspective with this short essay.

The Storm Inside

Negative thinking and opinions of our self worth can be very damaging. It is really important not to fall into the downward spiral caused by the words and actions of others.

Morning Thoughts

We all have daily rituals in which we partake. But what is more universal than drinking a hot cup of Joe?

Lost Connections

Through our lives seemingly unimportant moments in time change the course of everything we do. What moments changed your life?

Dreams of Paradise

This isn't a story but rather a description of feeling. The way the natural world coincides with the fast paced modern world. How the natural world stays dormant deep within us all.