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Category: Short Stories

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The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Four

As Gregory makes his way through the strange, horrid bazaar, he comes across something familiar, which adds another level to the nightmare he's involved in.

Paying Your Tab

Another fight. We broke up. I’m at the bar drinking like a fish. Same ol’ story, different day. Lizzy, god do I hate that fucking woman. She’s like a piece […]

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Three

In part three of our ongoing horror story, Gregory Norstrom has finally entered the Bazaar of The Blind. What awaits him is a world of horror unlike anything he's ever seen.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Two

In part two of this DPW original fiction series, our protagonist, Gregory Norstrom, finds himself navigating through a nightmare as he gets closer and closer to the entrance of The Bazaar of The Blind.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part One

A horror just out of sight. The dreaded book of the dead. And a bazaar of otherworldly oddities. Some things aren't meant for the eyes of man. Some worlds exist beyond our comprehension. This is part one of DPW's original serialized fiction series, The Bazaar of The Blind.

The Writing On The Wall

This is a crude, real life story. There's not much else to be said other than, if don't like potty humor, you probably won't like this piece.

Scattered Thoughts

Sometimes life takes us so far off our pre-planned path that all we have to guide us back are our memories. And sometimes these memories are the only things holding us together.

Drifting Away

Regret is something that can cripple us if we let it. We can try to escape its reach, but in the end, we must face the consequences of our actions. With this short story, Caleb James takes us into the mind of a man who thought he could run from his mistakes. But even in the middle of the ocean, certain things demand to be faced.

Delusional Love

This gruesome tale by Caleb James shows you first hand what an ugly monster jealousy can be...but not all is as it seems.


Writer's block; a cursed obstacle so many have run into. It can make one almost go... mad? LG Rogers gives us another uniquely grim short story with, Blink.

King of Crows

This weeks featured writer, Rocky Hutson, takes us out into the open, exposing us to the raw underbelly of nature itself and its feelings toward human kind with his short story, King of Crows.

The Arrival at Crucial Point

The world is vast and wondrous. It holds many secrets, societal gems and unknown cultures. What would happen if people used to the chaos of the concrete jungles ventured out into these hidden wonderlands? Would it be a dream vacation full of serenity and beauty? Or would it be...something else?

A Time Away

There are many things in life you can only understand once you experience it. For many war veterans, they struggle to express themselves due to such misunderstandings. This short story is about one such veteran silently suffering.

A Warrior’s Spirit

Does the spirit of our ancestors carry on within us? Can we truly know what they felt? Perhaps the things that make us unique are just reflections of the past.