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Category: Daily Rounds

This strange tale takes place in a mysterious apartment complex in between time and space. A young man takes a job as a maintenance man for the building and encounters impossible things he’s only ever read about in comic books.

Daily Rounds: Part Six

Steve's on the job training just keeps getting stranger and stranger. But since he's already in this deep, he figures he might as well see what other crazy things await him.

Daily Rounds: Part Three

Steve's day just keeps getting stranger as he gets introduced to the tenant in the third room. Any unbeknownst to him, there's a big surprise waiting for him.

Daily Rounds: Part Two

As Steve continues to learn about his new job, he finds the job only gets stranger. Mr. Jones takes him to the second room on their daily rounds, and things get hot.

Daily Rounds: Part One

DPW's second serialized fiction story, Daily Rounds, is written by Spencer Church. He'd like to introduce you to Steve. Steve is your average comic book nerd. Nothing exciting has ever happened to him. But little does he know, a job interview at an old apartment complex is about to change his life forever.