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Category: The Bazaar Of The Blind

An H.P. Lovecraft inspired tale of mystery, suspense, and otherworldly monsters. Once you enter The Bazaar of The Blind, you’ll never be sane again.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Four

As Gregory makes his way through the strange, horrid bazaar, he comes across something familiar, which adds another level to the nightmare he's involved in.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Three

In part three of our ongoing horror story, Gregory Norstrom has finally entered the Bazaar of The Blind. What awaits him is a world of horror unlike anything he's ever seen.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Two

In part two of this DPW original fiction series, our protagonist, Gregory Norstrom, finds himself navigating through a nightmare as he gets closer and closer to the entrance of The Bazaar of The Blind.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part One

A horror just out of sight. The dreaded book of the dead. And a bazaar of otherworldly oddities. Some things aren't meant for the eyes of man. Some worlds exist beyond our comprehension. This is part one of DPW's original serialized fiction series, The Bazaar of The Blind.