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4 Ways To Make Your Novel More Engaging

There are multiple reasons why a reader might stop reading a novel. Among those are poor writing,  Unbelievable plot, unlikable main characters, and the story being too slow and or […]

What Makes A Happy Ending?

Never cheat your audience. Give them an ending that satisfies. A happy ending is a matter of opinion, though, because what makes a happy ending is different for everyone. This means you don't need to rely on old happy ending tropes to tell a good finale to your story.

6 Tips To Help You Organize Your Comics

Organizing your comic book collection can be boring and tedious. And while it's not a fun topic to discuss, these quick tips will help speed up the organizing process so you can get back to important things like reading.

What Makes A Good Horror Story?

What makes a great horror story? Is it the gore? The fear of the unknown? Or is it the fear that what is happening in the story can happen in real life? Find out in this opinion piece by Spencer Church.