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Category: Flash Fiction

Short works of fiction, mostly under 500 words. We’re always accepting flash fiction pieces. Just go to the Contact Us page and let us know if you’re interested in submitting.

Going My Way?

You ever run into one of those annoying people who constantly asks for a ride somewhere? Now, what if you had to deal with that every night?

The Wingman

Have you ever been coerced into attending a party you didn't want to go to? If so, what if things ended a lot differently than you expected, leaving you at the mercy of strangers?

Urban Legend

When a group of sewer maintenance workers are mysteriously murdered, the city sends in more men to find out what happened. But this only unleashes what hides below!

The Re-up

Bill just wanted to buy a little bit of pot to relax after a hard day of work. But things don't go according to plan when he meets up with his shady drug dealer.

The Best Of Us

When something terrible falls a group of people at an office, an unlikely hero steps up to save the day.

Seeing Double

They say statistically speaking, there is bound to be somebody out there who looks exactly like you. But what happens if you run into that person?

One Last Favor

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that we think we can't pass up. But once we accept, we realize the deal we made might be worse than we could've ever imagined.

A Fishy Situation

Some guys just never catch a break in life. And when they do, it's not the sort of break they ever wanted.