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Category: Flash Fiction

Short works of fiction under 500 words. We’re always accepting flash fiction pieces. Just go to the Contact Us page and let us know if you’re interested in submitting.


When an emergency takes place on a cargo spaceship, one man finds the situation leaves him... breathless!

Where Do The Socks Go?

We've all been there. You wash and dry a load of laundry, then realize you're missing something. Socks, a shirt, underwear, whatever it is, you have no idea what happened. This begs the question, where do the socks go?

Clowning Around

Lee Edwards is a clown—literally. But with the recent wave of creepy clown sightings, he may have run into more trouble than he ever expected.

Hot Dog Love

People become vegan for many reasons. But some attention seekers give vegans a bad name.


When a man gambles all his money away, he becomes desperate. And a desperate man is always willing to make a deal.

Space Waste

You ever have a boring job where you slacked off more often than not? Would that job be as boring if it were in deep space?

The Mountain’s Song

The natural world knows not of human consciousness. It doesn't live or breathe for us. It simply is.


Sometimes a man needs to respect a woman's boundaries or else he might find himself in an uncomfortable situation.


What could be worse than seeing the world pass you by as you remain stuck in your own head?

Being Dead is a Drag

Sometimes weird things happen in life that you just can't explain. And other times, these weird things happen even after you're already dead.

From The Crow’s Nest

A group of dishonorable pirates encounter a unknown ship in the middle of the dark waters off the West Indies. What does this ship want? And how can it be so fast?

Lights In The Sky

What would you do if you encountered something strange zipping through the night sky? Would your curiosity lead you on an adventure to find out what it is? Or would you run from the unknown?


You ever have one of those days where you just want to punch everyone at work in the face? Will has. He's been wanting to for a very long time, too. And today, he's going to do just that.