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Category: Poetry

We don’t generally have poetry submission periods. But if you have something you think we’d be interested in, let us know through our Contact Us page.

The Grand Show

The Grand Show Step right up, step right up, And step right in too. I welcome you heartily Into this grand wonder, Into this grand mystery: This grand canyon of […]

A Silent Offering

Certain things you just have to experience to understand. And sometimes the feelings these experiences bring about are too much to handle. So our only defense is to let ourselves drift away like tears in the ocean.

Shadows of Things to Stay

Poetry has a way of touching us in ways other art forms cannot. Whether it be through emotion, cryptic meaning, or thought provoking rhyme schemes. LG Rogers succeeds at all of them with her poem, Shadow of Things to Say.


The poem that follows is full of rhyme.  It’s full of darkness.  It’s full of thought.  It’s full of sh– well, that, not so much.  However, just try not to […]

The Waiting Game

Did you ever wonder, “If only I had x amount of dollars, then I would really be happy?”  There’s also a phrase:  “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” These sentiments are quite contradictory […]


Being a writer of macabre poetry can be frustrating. Sure, you think you're writing great stuff, but it seems like all the likes and retweets fall to the flowers, puppies, and kittens. You know, all that uplifting stuff. Pfft, like who needs that? Seriously. Okay, I get it, maybe we all need some positive thinking now and again. However, one would not understand positive if not for the negative. Balance, my friends, balance. I'm sure Stephen King would tell you (because, you know, I'm totally close to his level of awesomeness [sarcasm alert]), sometimes darkness is just fun, damn it. So is rhyming. Enjoy.

What the Eyes Do See

Darkness has a way of tricking our brains into thinking that things may be lurking in those safest of places, when, in fact, they are not. As darkness is the absence of all color, so too, shall the color drain from us when left ambling alone in the darkness. Sometimes, the irrational fear is merely a trick of the mind, a game of a mischievous soul. Other is not.

The Shore

How far will jealousy drive a person? Can it lead to murder?

The Mansion on the Hill

Keeping with the Halloween theme...I'll just advise you: this is not the time of year where you want to go trespassing in abandoned creepy mansions. Seriously. Don't do it.