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Category: Poetry

We don’t generally have poetry submission periods. But if you have something you think we’d be interested in, let us know through our Contact Us page.

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master has the world on strings, but how long will those strings hold?


Some games are dangerous. Others are downright deadly.

Stormy Weather

The crazy man lives in the house, He plays with teapots all day long. They scream and holler with the man, Who sings their crazy song...

All I Do Is Fall

Sudden losses and the floor - my Earth goes out away from me from beneath my feet...

Next To Me

Sometimes all we need to get through this life is each other.

Heart Dog

A heart dog is the once in a life time dog who you really connect with. Few people get to experience this kind of connection with an animal, but when they do, it's truly beautiful.

Missing Piece

Not all things lost, shall be found. Not all things lost, can be recovered.

A Broken Icarus

Without someone to pull us back, we're all susceptible to flying too close to the sun.


Lack of direction can hurt us more than we know.

Vote With A Bullet

This piece isn't about taking sides on the gun debate. It's about paying attention to who is profiting off of gun violence.