We currently have four in-house writers as well as occasional featured writers. Anyone is welcome to submit work to us if they are interested in joining us as a Drunken Pen Writer.

Caleb James K.

Caleb James K. is a freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and an avid reader. He is the creator of DPW and enjoys editing, as well as helping other writers with their work. When he’s not writing or sipping fine whiskey, he can be found at the gym, hiking in the woods, or spending time with his crazy Siberian husky Nitro and wonderful girlfriend Mindy.

You can check out his work HERE

Spencer Church

Spencer Author Pic.png

Spencer is a comic book lover and artist turned writer. He is co-creator of DPW and has taken up the craft of writing to share his love of great story telling with the world. When he’s not writing he’s probably buried beneath a giant mountain of comics and novels.

You can check out his work HERE

LG Rogers

lg author

LG Rogers is a native New Englander who graduated from Post University in Waterbury, CT with degrees in both English and Sociology. Having won several writing awards during her college tenure, LG thought she’d be on the best seller list by now, but alas some postings on the fridge are currently sufficient. LG had one previously published collection of unappreciated poetry, may it rest in peace.

Although trudging tirelessly in a corporate occupation where she formats excel spreadsheets like a champion, LG still strives to hit that aforementioned best seller list (since the fridge was already achieved). LG currently resides in Connecticut with her husband, Lee, and two dogs: Matlock the puggle and Nova the black lab.

You can check out her work HERE

Ashleigh Hatter

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Ashleigh is a barbecue and bourbon loving citizen of Kansas City. When not got going through thrift stores in search of old books, he can be found locked away in a room writing and sipping fine spirits.

If you’re interested, you can check out Ashleigh’s work HERE.

Featured Writers

We have many featured writers who come and go to share work with us. For some, it’s only a one time thing. For others, they come back again and again to keep us up to date with what they’ve been working on. We also post all classic author’s work under the featured writer tag.

If you’re interested in becoming a featured writer, feel free to drop us a line on our Contact Page.

Check out all work from featured writers HERE