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Tag: Drunken Pen Writing

Knight In The Snake Pit #2 Review

In Knight in the Snake Pit, we follow a character Allister Ward who is stuck in two worlds, jumping back and forth at random. One world is 1940's Los Angeles, where he's a patient at a mental hospital and the other world is a medieval fantasy world, where he's being begged by a king to save his daughter and his kingdom from an impending invasion that could happen at any moment. Allister must determine if he's really suffering from delusions or if everything in both worlds is real. If that's the case, he needs to worry about how to not get killed by his "delusions."

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master has the world on strings, but how long will those strings hold?

The Final Round

Few things are as exciting as a boxing match that comes down to the final round.


Some games are dangerous. Others are downright deadly.

Jazz Legend #2 Review

If Miles Davis had been the one to fall down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, you would have had something closely resembling the bizarre and turbulent world of Jazz Legend.

Poetry Classics: The Old Flame, By Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell was born in 1917 into one of Boston's oldest and most prominent families. He attended Harvard College for two years before transferring to Kenyon College, where he studied poetry under John Crowe Ransom and received an undergraduate degree in 1940. He took graduate courses at Louisiana State University where he studied with Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks. His first and second books, Land of Unlikeness (1944) and Lord Weary's Castle (for which he received a Pulitzer Prize in 1946, at the age of thirty),

The Blue Diamond

When our unnamed protagonist finds himself impaled with a hunk of space rock, he realizes death is the furthest thing from is mind.

Kingdom Come

Set in the not so distant future, the DC Universe is spinning inexorably out of control. The new generation of heroes has lost their moral compass, becoming just as reckless and violent as the villains they fight. With Batman retired, Superman in a self-imposed exile and the rest of the Justice League nowhere to be found, it seems that all hope is lost.