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Tag: Writing

Dead Ahead

You can run away from fear, but it'll always catch up with you in the end.

Popova #2 Review

POPOVA, a revenge fantasy comic book series in the vein of Inglorious Basterds, explores the idea of reversing society’s gender stereotypes by depicting women in the role of the aggressor.


It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let's do some Pirate talking!

F**k Perfection

Why do we chase perfection when perfection doesn't exist? Are we living a lie?

2018 Halloween Submission Period

It's that time of year again and we are now accepting horror submissions up to the week of Halloween. We accept flash fiction, short stories, and horror poems.

New Stephen King Anthology

Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new anthology, perfect for airport or airplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, along with brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill.

Poetry Classics: The Owl, By Edward Thomas

Philip Edward Thomas (3 March 1878 – 9 April 1917) was a British poet, essayist, and novelist. He is commonly considered a war poet, although few of his poems deal directly with his war experiences, and his career in poetry only came after he had already been a successful writer and literary critic. In 1915, he enlisted in the British Army to fight in the First World War and was killed in action during the Battle of Arras in 1917, soon after he arrived in France.

I Am Alive

Sometimes the hardest part of life is just living it.

Preacher Book 1 Review

Jesse Custer was just a small-town preacher in Texas... until his congregation was flattened by powers beyond his control and the Preacher became imbued with abilities beyond anyone's understanding.


We all have secrets. But some secrets are worse than others. Some secrets can send our whole world crashing down around us.